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Court Information and Release Operations Administrator

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Minimum education and/or experience:
Bachelor's degree in Judicial Administration, Business Management, Business Administration, Public Administration, or closely related field and six (6) years of professional experience in program implementation and administration including three (3) years of supervisory or managerial experience managing administrative functions or programs. An equivalent combination of post-secondary-education and/or job-related experience may be considered in substitution for the minimum qualifications on a year for year basis.

Specialized training, certifications, and/or other special requirements:
Terminal Operator Certification (TOC) to assure compliance with Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) CJIS policy and regulations – retest every 2 years.

Must possess a valid Arizona driver's license or have the ability to obtain by the time of hire. Training that may be provided on-the-job: FEMA NIMS – IS100 and 700; Safety; Payroll; PREA. Prior to hiring, the Sheriff's Office requires that all candidates pass a polygraph examination and an extensive background review.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:
Knowledge of:
  • Principles and practices of office management, budgeting, accounting, and personnel management.
  • Process improvement.
  • Principles and practices of leadership, training, and supervision.
  • Microsoft Office Suite, intermediate to advanced level.

Skill in:
  • Analyzing, researching, and resolving complex and/or highly sensitive issues.
  • Supervising staff, managing performance, and directing workflow.

Ability to:
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships.
  • Interact professionally with diverse groups.
  • Communicate successfully in verbal and written format as appropriate for the audience.
  • Travel to off-site locations to supervise assigned staff.
  • Provide on call assistance 24/7 as needed.

Preferred education and/or experience:
Juris Doctorate, Master's Degree in Public Administration, Judicial Administration, Accounting, Business Management, Business Administration or a closely related field.

Preferred training, certifications and/or other special requirements:
State bar certified attorney (current or retired).

Working conditions:
Work occurs indoors in an office environment. Tasks require ability to handle interruptions, high work volume applying accuracy and concentration. This position requires ability to work alternative shifts, weekends, and holidays with rotating days off in a 24/7 operation.

The following environments described are only representative of how the essential job tasks are currently performed or envisioned. As such, in order to accommodate a disability or limitation, the essential job tasks may be performed in ways other than described on these pages.

Work Environment:
  • Indoors
  • Rarely outdoors or in temperatures above 90 degrees
  • Confined area
  • Bright lighting
  • Conditions frequently include stairs or ladders

Physical Environment:
  • Sitting, standing, walking
  • Driving a vehicle
  • Speaking, hearing, seeing, reading
  • Bending, kneeling
  • Lifting floor to waist fifteen (15) pounds
  • Carrying a weight of twenty-five (25) pounds for a distance of 10 feet
  • Pushing/pulling a weight of twenty-five (25) pounds for a distance of 10 feet

Social Environment:
  • Interruptions
  • Time pressures
  • High volume of work
  • Handling multiple or complicated tasks, frequently changing tasks, unscheduled tasks
  • Accuracy
  • Decision making
  • Concentration/vigilance
  • Teamwork
  • Working in close physical proximity with others
  • Frequent public contact
  • Conditions may rarely include emergencies, dangerous environment, isolation


Strategic Planning
  • Plans, directs, implements, and achieves Division strategic goals and daily operational mandates.
  • Evaluates the need and effectiveness of all custody related court document programs and services.
  • Performs needs assessments, analyzes service delivery effectiveness, and develops strategies to improve results; directs complex studies and projects to achieve increased efficiency.
  • Analyzes the impact of existing and proposed legislation, monitors changes and compliance of laws, statutory requirements, and Office policy, and provides recommendations for action.
  • Creates short and long-term strategic goals and objectives for the Division.
  • Develops and implements operational or administrative improvements, additions and changes.
  • Determines future staffing needs to meet Division objectives and new or changing mandates.

Operations Management
  • Oversees long-range and daily operations of the Division; develops and implements new services, performance plans and work methods; and provides feedback to executive leadership.
  • Advises the Sheriff and executive leadership on policies, issues, compliance matters and other concerns.
  • Plans and directs the implementation of policies and programs; ensures Division operations support the Office mission and goals; and implements new procedures.
  • Compiles statistics and data; creates reports, letters, expositions, and summaries.
  • Communicates with members of the legal community; other offices and agencies on Division related issues.
  • Ensures accuracy of all Division database activity which tracks document entry, execution, and finality, accounts receivable and payable activity.
  • Develops educational programs and provides training for SIMS managerial and other staff; confirms annual training requirements are met for all staff in Division.
  • Conducts regular staff meetings to advise of new directives, policies and procedures.
  • Participates in committees.
  • Maintains a high overall level of customer service in Division; ensures workplace professionalism and prevention of racial and other bias-based profiling per Sheriff's Office policy.
  • Verifies responses to inmate grievances and institutional appeals.
  • Assists the executive leadership with special projects.

  • Manages all employee classifications of the SIMS Division, establishes priorities, and schedules and assigns work.
  • Provides input on any work objectives and effectiveness, and realigns work as needed.
  • Manages and evaluates SIMS managerial staff and prepares Performance Appraisals.
  • Coordinates staff activities with other County departments.
  • Oversees Division personnel actions and issues; investigates internal and external complaints and policy violations that involve SIMS managers and/or staff; provides input and recommends appropriate disciplinary action for all staff infractions.
  • Participates in the hiring and selection process and training of new SIMS managerial and other staff; conducts stay and exit interviews.
  • Documents staff performance on a monthly basis in the Sheriff's Office database; reviews notes and entries by subordinates.

  • Oversees the preparation of the Division budget and performs financial planning including developing revenue and cost controls for Division operations.
  • Oversees and reviews monthly financial activities generated by Division;
  • Audits all financial activity within the Division and implements best practice controls when necessary and approved.


The hiring authority will select the successful candidate based on departmental needs.

All offers of employment made to new hires and rehires at Maricopa County are contingent upon successful completion of a post-offer, pre-employment thorough background investigation. A background investigation is conducted on a current employee who changes to a Safety Sensitive Position or one having the potential for serious adverse impact on the integrity or efficiency of the County. These requirements do not pertain to employees of elected officials who undergo background investigation processes administered through their respective offices.

Typically successful candidates are hired at a salary rate, up to midpoint of the range, based on applicable experience, internal equity and budgetary allowances.
Job Information
  • Location:
    Phoenix, Arizona, 85009, United States
  • Job ID:
  • Posted:
    June 12, 2019
  • Position Title:
    Court Information and Release Operations Administrator
  • Company Name:
    Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
  • Discipline:
    Administration and Management
  • Entry Level:
  • Job Type:
  • Salary:
    $71,510.40 - $132,184.00 (Yearly Salary)
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